Letter: ‘Every Teacher, Every Class, Every Day’

To the Editor:

Back on Jan. 29, the Lebanon Parents Association met at the Kilton Library. In our discussions, we discovered, sadly, that some of the teaching problems endemic to Lebanon High School last school year are still occurring. These are among the issues that we discussed with school administrators in our summer 2013 meeting. The purpose of the LPA, as has been described earlier, is to rectify teaching issues that have an impact on an excellent education for the students at LHS.

We will meet next on Wednesday, March 5, at 7 p.m., again at the Kilton Library. Among the agenda items will be, specifically, taking a good look at the Language Arts (English) Department and the Social Studies Department. Issues will include writing assignments, the teaching (or nonteaching) of grammar, and movies in classes. Other teaching and curricular topics will be addressed also.

It is very likely that all LHS parents know that this is the second year of the two-year re-accreditation process at the high school. This relates, of course, to our work here, but the issues we have been forced to address have a long history, and would be addressed now regardless. Another relevant point: It is likely that schools ranging from North Carolina to North Dakota have teaching problems. Many other Upper Valley schools likely have similar issues. We agreed as a whole that these points are immaterial to our work. Our mission is to make sure that the teaching at our school, Lebanon High School, is excellent. “Every teacher, every class, every day” is the motto we embrace.

Parents who desire more information about the LPA or about the upcoming meeting are invited to call me at 603-643-3609. You may also email me at Stattip@aol.com, with the subject line “Lebanon Parents Association.”

We hope to see parents who are willing to provide feedback, and thus improve the educational experience for their children.

Louis J. Maresca

West Lebanon