Letter: A Stand Against Big Money

A Stand Against Big Money

To the Editor:

Recently, Vermont Rep. Peter Welch co-sponsored legislation introduced by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. John Sarbanes: The Government by the People Act — a new campaign finance reform bill that will help reverse the impact of Citizens United. By the time the bill was introduced, it had 130 original co-sponsors — more than any other campaign finance reform bill in recent history. This bill would help reduce the tremendous amounts of money being spent by out-of-state corporations both here in Vermont and in New Hampshire. In order to win on any issue — reforming Wall Street, passing a higher minimum wage, or battling corporate polluters — we need to break the influence of big money in our democracy. The Government by the People Act matches small-dollar donations under $150 with public funds 6-to-1, so that a $25 contribution turns into $175 — or $100 into $700 — amplifying the voice of everyday people. This will save taxpayers hundreds of billions in corporate welfare that results from politicians sucking up to big-money donors. I want to thank Rep. Welch for taking a stand against big-money interests in favor of everyday voters by co-sponsoring the Government by the People Act.

Paul Regan

Chairman, Woodstock Democratic Town Committee