Letter: My Statement Was Incorrect

To the Editor:

I’ve just learned that the town I grew up in never fluoridated the water, contrary to my statement that appeared in the paper Jan. 23 (“Coalition Wants Hartford to Fluoridate Tap Water”). It was much in the news 50 years ago, and after that time, from when I was 10 on, neither I nor my younger siblings had as many cavities as before. I drew a connection that apparently never existed.

I appreciate the opportunity to share this correction with the readers of the Valley News. On the issue, though, I’ll stick with the scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and urge everyone not to accept the dramatic claims presented by those against until they have had a chance to review the CDC materials, which are readily available online.

That said, I predict that the fear, uncertainty and doubt campaign, plus the general sense that science is failing us and government can’t do anything right, will mean that fluoridation will never come to Hartford.

F. X. Flinn

Member, Board of Selectmen