Forum, May 15: D-H Decision Hurts Women

Sunday, May 14, 2017
D-H Decision Hurts Women

I am a law student at Vermont Law School. I am also a patient at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. D-H’s decision to close the Reproductive Endocrinology Department will significantly impact my health. Reproductive Endocrinology manages my brain tumor and the cascade of hormone problems that it causes. This isn’t about infertility. This is about being well enough to be able to attend and complete law school.

While Reproductive Endocrinology is called the Infertility Clinic at D-H, infertility is only some of what they treat. Closing this department will harm many women, like me, in the community.

Because of the scope and nature of my medical condition, and the other women like me, it is inappropriate for us to be seen in Endocrinology or Gynecology. D-H is failing to provide community-needed care.

Considering that D-H is a teaching facility, this change is especially troublesome. First, students, interns and fellows will not have the option of referring patients to Reproductive Endocrinology. This is myopic hubris and it hurts patients. This is also ethically questionable. Second, students, intern and fellows will not have practicing reproductive endocrinologists from whom to learn at D-H.

The chief clinical officer, Dr. Edward J. Merrens, should be questioned by the D-H leadership, the news media and the public. The decision hurts women, community-needed care and the teaching mission of D-H.

Sissy Bradford

South Royalton

Unfair Use of Social Media

I read columnist Jim Kenyon’s article about the arrest of Dana Key and would like to add a few points (“A Debt, a Fight, and Law Enforcement’s Leverage,” May 7).

I am old Leb. My father was a City Councilor and my grandfather was a policeman. While I see a value in the use of social media by a police department in seeking the public’s help in solving a crime or to promote good will in the community, putting mug shots of arrested individuals up for public ridicule before they have their day in court is an injustice. They are trying people in the court of public opinion before all the facts are known.

In the case of Dana Key, a good, honest, respected businessman and friend has had his reputation tarnished. I saw the report from the police on several media outlets with an eye-catching headline, and I am sure stations like WMUR reported it only because it involved a local businessman.

Where is the truth? I believe the Lebanon Police Department is guilty of hurting his reputation and the truth is this is not the community in which I grew up.

Gary Hubbard


Senate Excludes Women

Shame on the U.S. Senate — no women on the group working for a “health care for all” bill and no members of the group will be up for election in 2018. And the Senate bill may be able to pass with a simple majority vote.

And shame on the House for being in such a hurry to pass a health care bill without waiting for data from the Congressional Budget Office.

Vox tells us that 62 percent of Americans earn $40,000 or less.

I hope I live long enough to celebrate a new president and Congress that care about the American people. This administration and Congress sure don’t.

Anne Peyton

South Strafford

Thanks, Hanover Voters

On behalf of Twin Pines Housing, I want to thank everyone who advocated for Hanover’s Article 7 and those who turned out on a cold, damp day to vote for its passage. Eighty-five percent of those who voted on the measure supported Article 7, a great win for seniors in need of decent, safe and affordable housing.

Twin Pines Housing will continue to partner with the town on concepts to redevelop the Summer Park complex — Hanover’s only affordable housing that is restricted to seniors and those with disabilities. Once those concepts are refined, we will again come before the town to present our ideas on ways to improve the property with current and future residents in mind.

Until then, we encourage everyone to remember that the Upper Valley’s shortage of affordable housing has not been solved with this vote. There is still a long road ahead and we hope you remain by our side for the journey.

Andrew B. WinterExecutive Director, Twin Pines Housing Trust

White River Junction