Dartmouth-Hitchcock, VA to Share Medical Records

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

White River Junction — Dartmouth-Hitchcock and the White River Junction Veterans Affairs Medical Center have teamed up to share veterans’ electronic medical records.

Veterans receiving care at the White River Junction VA can now opt to share their records with D-H providers via the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record program, which enables providers outside the VA to access medical information such as a list of health conditions, allergies, medications, vital signs, immunizations and some laboratory test results, the VA announced in a news release on Monday.

“Connecting veterans’ medical records with their health care providers is a big step forward in better serving our veterans, who certainly deserve it,” said Bruce Lyndes, the program’s White River Junction-based regional community coordinator, in the release.

The program will reduce the need for veterans to carry paper records back and forth between providers, the release said.

“It’s convenient for the veteran and it’s easier for the health care provider to get an up-to-date medical record to assist in providing the best possible treatment for their patient,” said Peter Solberg, D-H’s chief health information officer.

To sign up for the free, voluntary program, veterans must first provide written consent in person (in the Release of Information office in Building 4 at the medical center) via mail (215 North Main Street 136 B, White River Junction, VT 05009) or online at va.gov/healthbenefits/.