Forum: The Hood’s Aesthetics; Why I’m Not Running for Vt. Senate

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Reasons I’m Not Running

When Sen. John Campbell announced that he would not be seeking re-election for Windsor County, I considered running. After many discussions, consultations and some personal reflection, I have decided not to run. I did not make this decision lightly. Throughout my life, I have been motivated by the desire to improve the lives of people living within my community. My role as vice chair on the Hartford Selectboard has given me the opportunity to do so.

I have chosen not to run because the challenges and opportunities facing Hartford during this time of what many have called a “transition period” warrant my full attention. I am committed to increasing the well-being of Hartford residents by working toward a more efficient, sustainable and resilient future. I know there are many pressing issues facing my fellow Vermonters and we need solutions that incorporate the voices of often under-represented members of our society. I look forward to supporting candidates who feel the same.

Rebecca White


Objections to an Editorial

An unsigned editorial appeared in your paper April 14 regarding my relationship with the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The deliberately provocative opening sentence, “Apparently, being elected to a New Hampshire House seat doesn’t entitle you to a seat in the New Hampshire House” completely mischaracterizes what actually happened.

It’s true that I have a medical condition that makes it necessary to have an oxygen concentrator with me at all times and it’s true that, in the midst of a House session a few weeks ago I was told that I could not bring my concentrator to my seat, which would have been necessary for me to use the House’s electronic voting system.

It is also true that, at the time, I did not feel physically up to further seeking accommodation.

What is not true is that I was given a “brush-off,” nor that entirely adequate accommodations were not provided as soon as House leaders were made aware of my situation. In fact, Speaker Jasper took the trouble to call me directly. There was poor communication but never any deliberate attempt to restrict my ability to exercise my vote in Concord.

What is further untrue but implied by your editorial is that I’ve chosen not to run for re-election because of this incident. The fact is that my health challenge appeared between last year’s House session and this one and it is now clear to me that I do not have the stamina to conduct another campaign.

As for seating assignments: It makes impeccable good sense to seat committee chairs where they can easily make their way to the front to defend their committee’s decisions.

Finally, it is particularly offensive that your editorial chose to take entirely unrelated swipes at former Speaker O’Brien and at the members’ decision to respect their colleagues’ right to keep and bear arms.

It is clear to me that your editorial writer came to this incident with an agenda and chose to misinterpret the facts to support his prejudices. I believe I am owed a personal and public apology for the manner in which the editorial mischaracterized me and the members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Rep. Ernest H. Bridge


Hood’s Aesthetics Under Threat

This is a response to your April 2 article about the Hood Museum. The museum is arguably the most successful addition to the Dartmouth College campus in the last five decades. It is currently threatened by the proposed addition designed by the team of Todd Williams and Billie Tsien. I agree that a new, visually prominent entry to the Hood is needed. However, the architects’ block-like solution in light-colored brick brings to mind the following quote from Prince Charles, who successfully challenged and helped halt an ill-conceived addition to the National Gallery over 30 years ago: “what is proposed is like a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much loved and elegant friend.”

Lewis Crickard

Director Emeritus, Hopkins Center
San Francisco

Another Campaign Lesson

After reading a report of a “clash” between supporters of Donald Trump and protesters, I had to look twice at the remarks squealed out by Trump — “There goes a dummy.” Wow! And here I believed a “dummy” was someone who believed a man who has his entire clothing line outsourced was going to “make America great again.” Wrong again!

Daniel Moore


Photograph Was Not Flattering

I am writing to let you know that a picture of me was printed on Sunday, April 3 on the front section of Life and Leisure under the heading “Transferring Treasures.” I have had many negative comments in regards to this photo. It is most upsetting to have had a picture of me looking this way. Yes, your photographer asked to photograph me and took many shots of me. Could she not have used a better picture? I have seen other photos that were not worthy of being used in your paper.

Elise Maynard

South Royalton