Forum July 12: Live Free and Waste Paper

Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Thanks to Hartford, Norwich 

I would like to thank the towns of Hartford and Norwich for their quick and thorough job in rebuilding Tiger Town Road after the latest flash flood. The road was a disaster, and many residents’ culverts and driveways were washed out. In less than 48 hours, the road was made passable, and everyone who lost access to the road had had their driveways replaced.

A special thanks goes out to Ray Nott’s Excavation Co. Its professionalism and the quality of their work was impressive. As the finishing touches for the reconstruction of the road go out to bid, I would implore the towns to stay with the local guys who came through for all of us during this emergency. 

Pat Halpin


Lebanon’s Next City Manager 

As the search for Lebanon’s city manager moves forward we are asking the community to be a part of the search process. Two community forums have been scheduled: the first on Tuesday, July 18, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in Seminary Hill Auditorium; and the second on Wednesday, July 26, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the council chambers at City Hall.  

It is our hope that city residents, property owners and business owners will be able to attend one of the events to personally meet Alan Gould of Municipal Resources Inc. and provide him with your insight and what you deem as essential in our next city manager.  

Should you not be able to attend, we invite you to provide your comments via the email address that has been established by MRI to gather input on the city manager search: lebcitymanagerrecruitment@mrigov.com

As a Lebanon resident, property owner or business owner, you are a stakeholder in the community and your viewpoint is essential to our success. It is our hope that you take the opportunity to participate. 

Suzanne Prentiss, Mayor

Paula Maville, Interim City Manager


Live Free and Waste Paper

A loved one is on Medicare and Medicaid. She's permanently disabled. Yet, for some reason, every three months the state of New Hampshire insists upon having her fill out forms for information that I assumed was shared by other state agencies.

Is there any logical reason why New Hampshire state government isn't setting an example for being a paperless entity? In a state where spending is limited, this is wasteful expense. Permanent is just that: forever. 

Daniel Moore


Russian Meddling Is Not in Doubt  

I share the concern expressed in your July 6 editorial, “Democracy At Risk” and its focus on the recently announced Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which seems intended to extend ongoing Republican Party efforts to selectively suppress voting rather than compete on issues. I also agree that this matter is even more worrisome, as you write, than Russian meddling in our national election.

However, I question your statement that, “Allegations that the Russians attempted to meddle in the American democratic process are credible.” That reads as though it could be true or not true. The directors of the U.S. intelligence agencies have stated unequivocally and publicly that Russia meddled in the 2016 American presidential election. One gets the sense that those declarations haven't satisfied the Valley News editorial board. Or is it that you've fallen victim to the Fox-and-Trump-promoted nonsense that speculation, gossip and bizarre conspiracy theories — such as this ongoing voter fraud gambit — merit equal weight and consideration with well-established fact. Just because these tactics — which are, let's remember, disgraceful — are advancing Republicans goals doesn't mean it's a good idea to lend them credibility in a quality newspaper.

As you say, democracy is at risk. 

Chris Weinmann


Sculpture Fest ’17 Has Opened 

We welcome all to the newly opened season of Sculpture Fest 2017  (sculpture on the land) exhibition in Woodstock. We are open daily from dawn to dusk through foliage season.

Many enthusiasts from the Upper Valley were unable to attend the reception to meet the artists on July 1 due to weather. Fortunately, there is a new app, Otocast, that enables visitors to listen on their mobile phones to descriptions in the artists' voices of the work on display either while viewing the exhibition or as a preview.

Dogs on leash are also welcome.

Charlet and Peter Davenport