None Injured as Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Claremont

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Claremont — The pilot of a small Lebanon-based aircraft was uninjured following an emergency landing at the Claremont Municipal Airport on Wednesday.

John Wilson radioed that he was in distress around 1:45 p.m., explaining that he was unable to lower the plane’s landing gear. The Claremont Fire Department responded, according to a news release issued Wednesday afternoon.

“After exhausting all possible remedies, the pilot advised that he would be attempting a landing with only the nose gear down and locked,” the release stated. “The pilot came in on Runway 29 and set the plane down and it skidded to a halt.”

It came to a rest on its belly with one wing touching the ground. The plane suffered a small gas leak, which the fire department tended to, but did not catch on fire. After the scene was processed, the airplane was towed to a hangar, where federal and state officials will examine it today, the release said.

Wilson, out of Lebanon, was on his way back to the Upper Valley from Nashua at the time.